Internet Marketing Basic Tools

Internet Marketing Basic Tools

Newbies, professionals and veteran marketers alike have something in common. Common “Internet Marketing Tools” that are required for an online business. The basic tools are:

  1. Email Auto Responder
  2. Landing Page or Squeeze Page Creator
  3. Domain and Web Hosting Package

I have listed below the best internet marketing tools that I personally use and strongly recommend.

AWeber – Best Email Auto Responder

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

My main email auto responder is AWeber because the package is cheap yet reliable and customer support is quick and helpful. The platform is easy to use and there are tutorial videos that will guide you if you are a complete newbie.


Lead Pages – Best Landing Page Creator

Lead Pages is the easiest, quickest and most newbie friendly landing page creator ever created available to the human race.

The interface of Lead Pages is so good that you can create professional landing pages in less than 2 minutes. The templates are also full packed including opt in pages, thank you pages, gift or giveaway pages, etc. One more good thing about Lead Pages is the customer support and continuous improvement of the product. You can also upload your own templates and even email the owner and his team if you have a template design that you want to suggest.


Bluehost – Best Domain and Web Hosting Package

Bluehost best web hosting

Bluehost is a for me the best domain and web hosting package. In my 3 years doing business with Bluehost, I honestly did not have any issues at all. For a cheap domain and hosting, Bluehost quality service and customer support is highly recommended.

All my websites and hosted by Bluehost and I do encourage by students, followers and subscribers to use Bluehost as the main web hosting package. If you have an existing domain already, you can transfer the hosting to Bluehost. Transfer of domain hosting is easy and is unlimited with Bluehost.